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Really up there with the best! Loved the song and the Fun of everyone’s reaction, Especially father and son, there the greatest!

A fun one! Love the sky and 3D work, and more obscure lenstar Characters with the cougar! When will my favorite character “car with a face” make his taking debut though!?! No but this was a good one!

Such a fun new take on an old classic!

Honestly, the message of “smash tournaments suck” is kinda annoying, (probably just a me thing) but still fun. Loved all the characters mixing together. And the old 3D style at times was cool. Also, weird note, but i loved the very ending looping. Kinda made me think of a dexters lab shorts endings. Really all these shorts feel very Hanna Barbara Cartoon Network 1995ish. Can’t wait for more!

This is one of the best ones in the season! Just a notch below derby’s alley to me. But that’s not a bad thing at all, this is really one of the best yet! The animations really becoming more consistent at this point in the show. I love dez in this one, the dolphin talking joke is the best one in this episode. Love 3D Maggie, so charming! And I absolutely love the pike character cameos along with the evaporate 3 sound effect being used, so much nostalgia, just now waiting on Plancy to show up to make the ultimate lenstar cinematic universe. Good one!

Home movies is my favorite show ever. This is beautiful, thank you.

Seriously one of your best in years! I love so much about this it’s so aesthetically pleasing! The weird CGI, The greatness of Derby, generally this one was just one of the best ones! I’ve been loving the show so far and I hope they keep being this great. If I were to say one thing however, there are still a few parts where I feel the animation goes a little too off model but again there are other parts where goes off model and I think it works amazingly well so I think it’s more just my taste if anything. So again love the short it’s amazing! The best loose ends from the season so far!

I’ll be honest. the last episode I thought was OK but this is the sort of charm I usually expect from you. While not perfect I quite enjoyed this and I hope that they only go up from here. One only super tiny little nitpick is I would say some of the animation being by other animators feel off in an unappealing way but most of the time it feels off in a very stylistically appealing way so certainly not bad. Good one guys.

This is Great! and it's good to finally hear what the shaq audio really sounds like.

Cool! You always make anything better, I especially liked the joke with the drunk duck.

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